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Glass Decorating Machines for UV Curing 


Glass and ceramic decorators making beverage bottles, drinkware, mirrors and flat glass, packaging for cosmetics, perfume and personal care products, desire the advantages that plastic decorators enjoy.  This includes the ability to directly print multiple colors at high speed, in any color, free of heavy metals, and with quick, simple, and low-cost curing.  Glass decorating machines from Kammann and Rosario using technology and equipment from Heraeus Noblelight America are the answer. 



Kammann K14Werner Kammann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG offers several UV ink glass decorating machines. The Kammann K14-U can print onto round, oval or flat glass at a rate of up to 4,200 prints per hour. Pictured at left is a close-up view showing UV curing on the left (silver box) using a Fusion UV Light Hammer® 10 , as well as the next print station. The product being decorated lies horizontally as it moves through the decorating machine.Kammann K9 


The Kammann K9-V can print onto round to slightly conical glass containers at a rate of up to 5,100 prints per hour. The K9-V can even print simultaneously onto the neck and body of the container. Pictured at right, the printing screen has been removed from its holder to reveal where the glass container is held in position. To the right is the UV curing system – the Light Hammer® 6 from Heraeus Noblelight America. 



OMSO North America Inc. 


OMSO North America BottlesThe newest member in the family of servo technology decorating printers from OMSO SpA of Reggio Emilia, Italy is the OMSO Servo Bottle.


With the successes of the previous ServoTube and ServoTube M3 flexographic and screen combination printer for tubes along with the patent applied / 400 ppm Servo Cup, now comes OMSO’s latest screen printer for the glass bottle industries.


This automatic machine has robotic infeed, servo controlled movements and can decorate glass objects of various shapes and/or sizes, up to a maximum of 7 color screen with automatic inspection and automatic registration correction.


For additional information on this exciting new technology and screen printer, please contact OMSO North America.





Rosario Productie BV has been making its 3CS-150UV glass bottle decorating machine since 1998. Rosario worked closely with RevTech to set up a high-speed production line for use with RevTech's Envirogluv™ UV curable inks. Decorating bottles at high speed (150 bottles per minute) with an excellent color-to-color registration of the printed images is now possible. 


Rosario also markets a Decormec printing machine in Europe fitted with Fusion UV Systems' curing lamps for use with the Envirogluv UV curable inks on specialty perfume and cosmetics bottles for which Rosario's own machines are not equipped. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 

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