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An Electrodeless Bulb for Consistency and Long Life


Powered with microwave energy, and without the metal electrodes required in arc lamps, the remarkable high-grade quartz UV bulb from Heraeus Noblelight America is fully guaranteed to last 8,000 hours, with an even longer lifetime reported by many users. 


Easy to handle and quick to install, it only takes three minutes to change the bulb. We use a unique microwave excitation system to energize the lamp for very rapid starts and restarts, and very stable spectral and energy output. Bulbs with different spectral outputs (only Preferred Visitors can access these) allow you to match to your changing chemistry and applications for improved quality and cure speeds to Heraeus Noblelight America's lamps. 


Bulb Chart 


Download individual spectral output data sheets for standard production Heraeus Noblelight America bulbs.  (Must be logged in as a Preferred Visitor to access on-line.) 




The stable and consistent output of our bulbs is well-documented in our ongoing life testing.  Download information on this bulb life test data.  (Must be logged in as a Preferred Visitor to access on-line.) 


Bulb Warranty Information 


Bulbs: (not to exceed 36 months from date of shipment) 

  • Standard "H" bulbs, 8000 operating hours, non-prorated 
  • Standard "D", "V" and "H+" bulbs, 6000 operating hours, non-prorated 

Other Helpful Information 


How do I tell if a bulb is bad? 


How should I clean the bulb ... and the reflector? 


Disposal of UV bulbs should be by the same approved method as for fluorescent bulbs. State and local regulations apply, so determine what they are and what your responsibilities are. In July 1999, the EPA adopted less stringent requirements of disposal to encourage "compliance with hazardous waste requirements.” Most large users of fluorescent bulbs deliver them to a hazardous waste contractor. Any safety or disposal regulations that EPA or OSHA applies to fluorescent lamps also apply to UV lamps. Heraeus Noblelight America accepts used bulbs for disposal if they are sent in appropriate protective packaging at the customer's expense. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 


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